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Welcome to the behind-the-scenes information on @TheStreamsMUMC YouTube channel and the online ministry of Marshfield UMC. This video gives an overview of our utilization of a Missouri Conference New Places for New People grant to create an intentionally online worship service. That is one important part of our larger ministry expansion online. Below, you will find documents such as grant financials, a quick start guide for online church content, and a detailed description of our overall online ministry engagement. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like some assistance with online ministry. We are eager to share the good news of what has happened to our church by sharing the Good News online.

Quick Start Guide

After developing a dedicated online studio that can record in a multi-person setup with a producer as well as individuals recording themselves, we have devised a plan for beginning a basic online ministry, with three tiers of suggested equipment so that others can get started easily on expanding their church's online presence.


MUMC Online Ministry Engagement

An overview of problems addressed and steps taken to expand the online presence of MUMC. From the basics of improving our livestream, building a YouTube service, to expanding our Path of Discipleship to our online community -- we want to share what we've done to move the needle both in-person and online through intentional development of online ministries.


New Places for New People Grant Financials

A detailed accounting of how we spent grant funds to build the studio and launch our online worship service and digital discipleship library.

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