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Fellowship at MUMC

The people of MUMC like to have lots of opportunities to be together for worship, learning, service, and, especially, good food and lots of fun. From Trivia Night to Tailgating on the parking lot, we enjoy getting to know each other better. In addition to church and community events on our campus, we have several small groups that meet a variety of needs but are drawn together by their fellowship. These groups are described below.


info on youth group. Also learning and service.


Youth Group

Our youth leaders are teachers and coaches with Marshfield R1 so they are in the hallways of the schools and see the positives and negatives of being a youth. Youth group helps the kids handle the challenges life brings us through the help of our savior Jesus Christ.  Like in anything Methodist, anyone is welcome to join. They dive into life lessons that we see everyday and look to scripture to  learn and grow through them.

    They have fun outings from time to time, do local mission work, and every summer take a week long mission trip somewhere that will not only impact the lives they come in contact with, but their own lives in the process.  Coach Mac says, "We always come back knowing that Jesus Christ has given us talents to use for him and that through those talents we bring others closer to him.  If you go on the mission trip, it is assured you will come back closer to Christ than when you left."

Women's Life Group

Young Men's Life Group

The Women's Life Group is open to women of all ages. They meet monthly on the third Wednesday, and each meeting is a surprise to attendees, planned out by the coordinators (Carrie Sabo & Rev Kim) from a list drawn up at our first meeting of 2023. We focus on quality conversation, connecting with other women, and having fun together. Meals & Childcare provided.

The Young Men's Life Group provides safe conversation for men (typically in their 20s-40s) about walking our spiritual journey. It is led by Curt Mottesheard and James McAnarney (Coach Mac), and meets in the Della Burford Room at the same time as the Women's Life Group. Meals & Childcare provided.

UMM (United Methodist Men)

UMF (United Women of Faith)

The United Women of Faith (formerly known as UMW or United Methodist Women) meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1:00 PM in the Della Burford room.

The United Methodist Men’s Group is a small group ministry aimed specifically at the men of the Church.  Its purpose is to declare the centrality of Christ in every man’s life. This is expressed as we engage in Bible study, witnessing to Christ in our daily lives and relationships, and through intentional service to others through a wide variety of projects and activities.  One of our local goals is to provide several annual scholarships for students who choose to continue their education beyond high school. Our formal meetings are on the first Monday of each month at 5:30 PM in the ARK Building. This is a place where men gather to break bread together, to discuss their faith journeys and find meaning, hope and support in each other’s company.


Walking in Christ

The Pilates group meets in the church multi-purpose room on the lower level on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for an hour to get fit together. It is free and open to anyone of any age who wants to loosen up and get some exercise.

Come join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:00 A.M. at Hidden Waters. Both men and women walk around various paths, at their own pace, enjoying God’s beauty! Weather updates given by Jim Hartley letting you know if it is canceled. Let him know and he can add you to his list!

Youth Group
Life Groups
Walking in Christ
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