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The Streams is an idea born out of the church's deep desire to reach people online. Our live-streamed service has been successful at bringing new people into our midst, both online and in-person, but it is very much a back of the room view. We wanted to explore what it would be like to provide an intentional online service in which you can see faces and hear voices that are showing up precisely for the online audience as well as providing opportunities for the online community to connect in real and meaningful ways with Marshfield UMC.

And if you're not in Marshfield, MO -- you're not alone! We have members and regular attenders from all over Missouri and surrounding states. If you're looking for a church home that is deeply Wesleyan, intentionally online, discipleship-centered, and not afraid to think outside the church box, Marshfield UMC's online ministry may be just the place for you.

Welcome to The Streams!







Rev. Kim Polchow, Pastor

Nicholas Roberts, Tech Director

I'm Here!

We like the chance to know who we're worshipping with so we can build meaningful relationships at your pace. First time guests get asked a few more questions so we can send you a welcome gift. Keep an eye out for that bright orange mailer with our logo!

Is this your first time here?
Do you like any of these drinks?

Thank you for letting us know you're here!

connection opportunities

worship synchronously

If your schedule allows, you might enjoy the experience of worshiping at the same time as others by watching the premier of each service at 8:30 AM CST. All of our services are available at any time.


get prayer support

Get prayer support for the things that have you worried by submitting the prayer request form below. Our pastor and/or prayer team will join you in prayer for your concerns.


fellowship hall experience

Starting SOON! You'll be able to jump on Zoom to a meeting with other worshippers, Rev. Kim, and our Tech Director, Nicholas. If you want to be seen, we'd be glad to see (and connect with) you!


private Facebook group

Coming SOON! For a midweek pick-me-up, prayer request, or just to be able to chat with people who worship online with you, we have a new FB group for The Streams and MUMC online worshippers.

Untitled design-2.png

online Bible study

We offer Zoom-based online Bible study several times a year plus we are developing our Digital Discipleship Library of on-demand classes available anytime.

homecoming weekends

Homecoming weekends happen twice a year when MUMC rolls out the red carpet for its online worshippers with fun events, great food, and warm hospitality. 

Pastoral Care

prayer support & pastoral care

Whether you're on the ground in Marshfield, MO or on the other side of the globe, if you worship God with us, we are here to provide prayer support and pastoral care. Please let us know how we can help.

Do you need pastoral care? (illness, death of a loved one, upcoming surgery, etc.)

Thank you for reaching out! Your message is on its way to our staff.

Prayer Candles
Bible Study

On-Demand Bible Study Handouts

Here are the handouts created for the Bible Studies shown on YouTube.

Having Men for Dinner

Episode 1 (all parts)

Episode 2 (all parts)

Episode 3 (all parts)

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